Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Please .. allow yourself some leisure..

Why do we long for leisure? Why?

The reason is that it is in leisure that we really tune in to ourselves. We get close to our true nature. It allows an opportunity to express what we truly are. The best work of art, the best music, the best poems ..everything that is true and beautiful is created at leisure.

Don't mistake leisure for free time! Leisure is free time minus all the distractions, all the noise. We pack too much into out free time that we are truly leisure deprived. We have a dream, a vision of what leisure is, but we never allow ourselves the luxury of a bit of leisure. We pack it in with TV, music, news, activities, internet .. anything and everything.

People are more tired after a vacation. The minute the vacation is over, the longing starts all over again for a slower pace, a quieter life. You don't really need an expensive holiday, fancy location to relax and enjoy.

Just allow yourself some leisure right where you are!!

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