Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Core of Hindu Philosophy

This philosophy lies at the core of a Hindu way of life.

You are born perfect

Hinduism says that you are born perfect. To find who you really are, all you need to do is to undo the effects of the years, civilization, society, education, degrees, ambitions and everything else. At the core you will find the pure and perfect self. Other religions tell us that one is born a sinner and have to strive hard to become good.

Self reliance

Rely on yourself. One is born perfect with all the knowledge and instinct one needs. When you want answers, look within! From there you will find the truth, the wisdom. Nothing external, experts, books, encyclopedias can tell you the truth.


We are perfect and we should find the perfection in ourselves. There is nothing to strive for. There is no effort to become something or be anything other than what we already are. All effort is futile. Effortlessness lies at the crux of Hinduism.


Every bit of nature is God. Be it a cow, tree, rain, sun .. anything and everything in nature. Just as nature accepts everything, so does Hinduism.

Complete freedom 

Hinduism allows complete freedom. Everybody is free to choose their own path. There are no rules and restrictions. Nobody is compelled to read any scriptures, to visit temples. Everything is voluntary.


Hinduism does not endorse violence of any kind. This includes the subtle forms of violence such as discipline, disapproval, conformance to rigid rules, coercions. One is free to follow any path. Hindus are not involved in converting anybody to Hinduism. 

Being and Doing

Hinduism emphasizes on Being and less on the Doing. Excessive doing is the result of a restless mind. The action that results when the mind is still and the heart is open and receptive is what is called Being. 


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