Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poem: Barefoot Babies

 Barefoot barefoot, kiss mommy's lips
Barefoot barefoot, scratch daddy's chin

Barefoot barefoot, tickle the grass
Barefoot barefoot, climb the rocks

Barefoot barefoot, splash in the puddle
Barefoot barefoot, sink in the sand

Barefoot barefoot, wiggle your toes
Barefoot barefoot, walk tippie toes

Barefoot barefoot, has gone to sleep
Barefoot barefoot, loves to breath

Note: I was inspired to write this poem to encourage all parents to let their little children play barefeet. In the west, there are lots of reservations in letting children play barefoot. This is not the case in India and most traditional cultures where children are barefoot for most of the time. Being barefoot is good for the sensory and muscular development of the child's feet. Every toe plays a unique role in balancing, walking, running, climbing and all of them should be used actively.

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