Friday, December 14, 2012

Stopping a Churning Mind.

The stream on uncontrolled thoughts is a cause of stress and continuously drains mental energy. Is it possible to stop the endless churning mind? Yes! It is possible and very easy to do.

Uncontrolled thoughts in our head means that one is not completely aware of ones present action. The physical body is doing something different from the brain. There is a disintegration of mind and body. One is not functioning as a singe unit. To stop the brain activity is to simply look at your hands and your surroundings and be completely involved with your physical actions of doing, smelling and sensing. This stops all mental activity. This is what is awareness!  So simple!

We start off with small intervals of awareness initially and once we understand the effortlessness of this, it comes to us naturally and stays with us throughout the day.

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