Friday, January 25, 2013

An (extra)ordinary day

I'm working from home in the upstairs room. I can hear the sounds from around the house. My sister is visiting for the weekend. She is listening to music and working on her laptop. Dad is in the basement chatting with my little son. Grandfather and grandson sharing a nice time. Mom is done with the morning chores and is dusting the sofa.

Is this just an ordinary day or really an extraordinary day?

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  1. It was an extraordinary day for me! :) Felt as at home like I was in the womb of my mom.
    - Mom feeding me every 2 mins and generally being the wonderful person she is
    - Dad being his amazing restless self worrying about everything in the world and constantly doing something useful
    - Darling Muku peering into my laptop every 10 mins and entertaining me with his questions/comments in perfect English
    - My sis upstairs working with so much dedication and concentration that it is inspiring


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