Friday, February 22, 2013

Nature is the real Teacher

All life lessons are learnt while observing nature

Look around when Spring comes, the rays of the sun warms the soil and a million buds shoot out eagerly all of their own accord. You will then believe in the tremendous life giving power of nature.

Have you ever observed how a deep gash heals? I observed a deep cut on my finger for a week and watched the miracle of healing everyday. The cells slowly growing into the wound and completely covering it up with not as much as a mark left at the end. You will learn to just be and and let nature do its work of healing.

Look at how a single blade of grass grows in the wilderness. It lives in harmony with all other plants, and creatures around it. Only taking what it needs to live fully, to grow and when time comes to slowly wither away. You will learn that the only purpose of life is to live. To really live in harmony with everything else. 

At the end of autumn, when all the leaves have fallen from trees. The nests of little birds come in full view. The tiny homes that the birds loving built to lay eggs and raise their young ones. You will learn that a home needs to be small, cozy and warm. Just big enough to raise your family. Anything bigger will lack warmth and fall short of its purpose.

Have you watched animals with their young ones? A bison calf and its mother are inseparable for a whole year after its birth. A mother black bear will never leave its cubs out of her sight for 2 years. This teaches us to keep our children close and never leave them far away to be raised by others. 

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