Friday, March 15, 2013

Cedar Waxwing

My daily walks are always filled with surprises. I wondered what is in store for me today ..

As I walk on my regular path, a whole flock of birds swish past me and settle on a bare leafless tree. I stopped on my tracks, tiptoed close to the tree and peered up to get a closer look at them. What wonderful little birds! All of the same kind, sitting proud with their eyes looking far ahead. Tiny birds with the colors of brown and gray, a beautiful brown crest on its little head and a yellow tipped tail. It looked as if each bird was gently held and its tail dipped ever so slightly into bright yellow paint. The air was filled with the thin whistles of the birds.

All of a sudden, the birds fly up from the tree together, go around to settle again on top of another tree. What a display of exquisite a trained troop of synchronized dancers. Are they a variant of the red cardinal? They had a similar crest. I had to go home and find out!

It turns out the birds were a flock of Cedar Waxwings! To know that I have lived in Canada for 10 years and to have never seen one before.

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