Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stay close to mother nature

A man's heart away from nature becomes hard - is an old Lakota saying

The more we are surrounded by inanimate things, the more deadened we become. Our senses die a slow death and so do we. Buildings, cars, concrete, plastics, computers and devices. Our days are lifeless, spent tied to desks prodding on computers and our evenings are worse, spent flopped in front of the TV. We become insensitive to everything .. smells, tastes, sounds, feelings and our surroundings.

To be alive is to feel deeply and intensely. To be awake with every sense. This is only possible in the lap of mother nature always throbbing and pulsing with life. Simply dig the earth gently and you will see the soft soil teeming with life.

..when you strain your ears to hear a far away bird song..
..when you see the multitude of hues in the evening sky..
..when you feel the cool softness of the grass under your bare feet..
..when you stop to smell a wild sage leaf..
..when you watch the fluttering leaves on a a million sparkling diamonds of a magnificent chandelier.  You are alive!!

To be alive is to be surrounded with life in all its forms.

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