Friday, March 15, 2013

The anticipation of Spring

A mid-day walk on a quiet sunny March day along the road lining the lake and I hear a big rumpus up ahead. A few steps down the road and I get a full view of the lake swarming with geese with a spotting of a few mallard ducks here are there. The ice on the lake is barely melting, and all the Canadian geese are back!.

Oh! what a cacophony! The geese are in a frenzy of activity. Honking and grunting. A few standing tall, thrusting their chest forward and swiftly fluttering their powerful wings. A few others are vigorously preening and some others are somersaulting in the lake trying to clean their backs. Each one of them shaking off the last remnants of the winter blues.

I stood still watching them for how long I know not... I was reminded of the Kumbh Mela in India when scores of Indians flock to the Ganges.

They were getting ready for the spring and another wonderful season of life!  Mating, laying eggs, raising the goslings. I looked around and couldn't help but smile. The sunny sky, a gentle breeze so slightly warm. The air was pregnant with the anticipation of Spring and so was I

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