Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why fix the house when the home is crumbing?

We are all guilty of doing this. We want to perfect our house. The interiors, the deck, the kitchen, the garden, the furnishings. The list is endless. The amount of time, money and effort we spend on this means we have less time to ourselves, less time with our loved ones, less patience, less family time.

The few precious hours of leisure required for rest and rejuvenation is now devoted to perfecting the house, a mere physical structure. All this leads to a stress filled home, putting a big strain on our personal relationships and happiness. Slowly and steadily, the "home" starts to break down.

Why then do we embark on the futile exercise of perfecting the house when the home is crumbing? If only we can use our time to build the "home". To fix our relationships, to fill our homes with joy and laughter, to relax and enjoy a quiet weekend.

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  1. I agree with you Priya....I realized this only recently when I got back to full time work ....I brought down my own expectations and from others....life is simple and more pleasant....I really like your blog.....had a good time going over it....


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