Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A perfect union disrupted by loud humans

A bright and sunny early April afternoon, I stood on the pier that juts into the Toogood pond in Unionville and looked around. A pair of Canadian geese caught my eye. They were taking turns dunking their head into the water for what seemed like a few minutes. I realized in an instant that this is a mating ritual. Very soon the male was on top of the female. The male biting the female's neck probably to steady itself amid the throes of an intense sexual union. I watched in complete stillness.

All of a sudden two nannies and toddlers arrive at the scene and immediately start dropping pieces of bread into the lake to attract the geese. The mating pair tried to continue on, but with the nannies screaming "honk honk" and "bread bread" there was little hope for them. Their union was abruptly terminated. The male dismounted and tried very hard to steady himself.

A feeling of distaste and sadness engulfed me. A perfect union of nature was disrupted by intrusive, insensitive and loud humans. I walked away quietly with the bad feeling lingering for a long time after.

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