Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today's News - Free flowing filth into our lives

There was a time when I caught up on the news first thing in the morning. This has changed over the last few years because of motherhood duties taking a higher priority. During this time, my day started off by peeking out of the window. The sunlight of dawn, the clear sky and the sound of birds welcomed me to a new day. After a hiatus, I have started catching up on the daily news again.

Top news on CNN
    Cleveland abductions; Abortion doctor; Jolie mastectomy; Victim of 'sexually depraved monster';   Prison guards hit with feces; Sergeant faces sex assault allegations; How a man becomes a monster;

Top news on BBC
    US kidnap accused to plead innocent; QPR striker quizzed over gang rape; My life as a 'plus-size' model; An old-fashioned spy scandal; US man dies dribbling ball to Brazil;

Everyday I am startled, shocked and left shaken by what the media brings to me. Each one of these a blow to my psyche. Not a single news to lift my spirit and belief in humanity.

All around me, I see goodness and beauty. My eyes see the innocence of children, the outburst of life in spring. My ears hear laughter and chatter of friends, the song of birds, music from the wind chime. I feel the love of a beloved, the love of a parent for a child, the joy of a grandmother.

I refuse to believe that the world is full of such filth. I refuse to wash my spirit everyday in this sewage. I will rely on what my own eyes see for real, what my ears hear for real and what my mind and senses feel to form my opinion of the world and not what the media spews at me.


  1. Oh! I'm not alone here. I used to listen to the news while I was driving to office everyday. But after listening to the news, I was sad for some or the other reason. It went on for so many days..and I started thinking that those filthy things might happen to us and was worried all the time.
    I just wanted to put a full stop for this and I stopped listening to the news and started listening to songs to boost up my mood.

    Yesterday, accidentally I listened to the 680 news on the way back to my house and again I was sad after listening to that guy who placed an Ad in the kijiji site to sell his truck.

  2. Nicely written, Priya. This is very true. It is the media's duty to carefully pick out the beyond-belief news stories for us. Thanks to mankind's wisdom, we have the ability to react, look beyond facts and involuntarily replace any kind of information that doesn't sync with our mind.

  3. Very well put Priya...we have become busy (or we think we have become busy) that we neither appreciate the beauty around us nor we do anything actively to remove the filth.... thanks for waking me up.

  4. True indeed!!! The present day news is basically like a horror movie.It makes us feel and believe that we are living amidst monsters.In fact it brings in a kind of insecurity wherein you are led to think that any step beyond your home is not safe for you and the kids.Well it's best to be totally disconnected from today's media and reconnect with nature and the good things around us.


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