Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hidden gems : Places to visit around Toronto

I am a nature lover and a lover of good food. I find myself drawn to parks, farms, nature trails, vegetable/herb gardens, cooking classes and the like. If you live in (or visiting) Toronto, you may enjoy these little hidden gems.
* Mill Pond Park
* Toogood Pond
* Phyllis Rawlinson Park
* Evergreen Brickworks
* Riverdale Farm
Farmer's markets
* Top Tomato Foods
* Reesor's Farm
* Forsythe Family Farm
* Village Market
Inspiring places
* Richters Herbs
* Hill Potter's Guild
* The Depanneur
* Kavanah Garden
Local websites
* ManningCanning
* Not Far From A Tree
* Life With A Baby
* Corin Pinto

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