Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is it with Brits and Books ..

You will never find people of English origin without a book in hand. On buses, trains, while waiting... anywhere and any place seems appropriate to immerse oneself in reading. It seems to be awefully important to them.

I got to observe two vacationing families on a boat sailing along the coast of Rhodes Island off mainland Greece. A English family of four sitting directly opposite me was rather quiet. The father was immersed in his book, the mother in hers and two barely teenage kids also busy reading thier own books. They spent most of the journey in silence except for an odd comment here and there asking for water or sunscreen and an occasional glance at the far away horizon.

The Greek family of six on the opposite side of the boat on the other hand seemed to be having a lot of fun. The little kid running back and forth from mom to grandma, spoilt with a lot of kisses. They were loud, laughing and poking fun at each other, enjoying the ride, chatting and eating.

As I watched them it became clear to me that Life is to be lived first hand. Life simply cannot be experienced by reading a book devouring someone else's second hand accounts.

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