Monday, November 18, 2013

Perfection is a state of being

My 5yr old daughter started learning Bharatanatyam. As she begins learning, I too discover the joys of learning. This shlokam holds the key for any dancer to excel in this art.

Yato   Hasta   Stato   Drushti
Yato   Drushti   Stato   Manaha
Yato   Manaha   Stato   Bhavom
Yato   Bhavom   Stato   Rasaha

(Where the hand goes, there the eyes should follow
Where the eyes are, the mind should follow
Where the mind is, there the expression should be brought out
Where the expression is, there the flavor will be experienced)

Arun Shankar, my second cousin who graduated and taught at the renowned Kalakshetra, Chennai

Perfection and grace in any activity requires the complete coordination of body, mind and all the senses. 

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