Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Acorn School: A school with a soul

When I was looking for a preschool for my little daughter, I wanted a place where my child can just be a child in a loving, warm and stimulating environment.

I found a Montessori school close to my house and payed a big deposit a year in advance to secure a spot. A few weeks before my daughter was to join, I dropped by the school. My daughter was born with an abnormal tongue. She drooled a bit and had to wear a bib and needed a bottle to drink from. I mentioned this to the school director and to my dismay she point blank refused to admit my daughter and asked me to find a school that accommodates special needs.

I left the school feeling very dejected.. How harsh had the world become? Was it too much for a preschool to accommodate a bib and a bottle for a 2 year old child?

I scrambled to find another alternative. That's when I stepped into the doors of  Acorn School and talked to Rosalba Bortolotti, the head of the school. What a world of difference from what I had just experienced!! She was willing to work with every need of my child. She even offered to work with my daughter's occupational therapist right at the school. Meeting Rosalba and the other teachers at Acorn has firmly reinforced my belief in humanity .. that there are inspiring, kind and wonderful people in this world!

Its been a few years since that day and what a wonderful journey it has been for our family to be associated with Acorn School. The whiff of good food when you enter the school, the art projects, the nature explorations, the garden day, the tomato project .. everything is deeply entwined with the memories of my children's childhood days.

I know my two little acorns will be great Oaks one day ... "Great Oaks from Little Acorns Grow"

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