Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yashoda In Every Mother

Ever so often I ponder on the amazing and subtle quality of raising a little boy.

Yashoda's deep affection for her son Lord Krishna is regarded as the epitome of motherly love. Hindu mythological is replete with stories of Lord Krishna's playful antics and how he tormented his adoring mother. I know now that these stories are not about the Gods at all. These stories are being replayed everyday, everywhere in the lives of every mother and her son.
With my son Mukund, Krishna Leela is played out for us day after day after day. The endless pranks from dawn to dusk. The utter naughtiness, eyes lit with wonder and a mischievous smile. The constant chatter, laughter and non-stop running around. Relentlessly harassing his sister, scheming ways to lure her out of her books and art work. These incessant pranks are exasperating and enchanting at the same time!

At night when all is quiet, Krishna always found himself wrapped securely in his mother’s arms as she sang to him and rocked him to sleep. So it is with my son. What bliss it is to see the innocent sleeping child recharging for another day.  I think ... just as Yashoda did ..O Mukund, It is Your immeasurable mercy that You are playing happily in my home. It is my extraordinary fate that my arms hold Your cloud-like beautiful body. 

Mukund and me

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