Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The sad fate of the swans..

The swan parade

When the cygnets were born early June, the world rejoiced! Humans and all winged creatures gave them a grand ovation. The proud mother paraded around the lake showing off her beautiful little ones.

Just a week after, the swans and the cygnets went missing without a trace. No feathers or signs of any struggle! A few of us walked all around the lake looking for them. I contacted the Richmond Hill authorities who promptly sent a team to scour the area ..but alas they were nowhere to be found! Several nature groups in the area got back to me saying that the cygnets must have fallen prey to predators.

Towards the end of June the parent swans returned to the lake alone. It was heartbreaking to see them without the babies as I was a witness to all their struggles over the last few months. Last week, they relocated to another secluded swamp in the area. As if in mourning..they spend their days in quiet isolation ..away from any peering eyes, trying to reconcile to this sad fate.

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