Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Roaming wild and free ..

Bear at Smokies
Several times over the last few months, I have pointed out a racoon, a skunk and what looked like a beaver to my children. They said "Mummy, you are only showing us dead animals". Sadly, the only wild animals we get to see these days are roadkill ..knocked down by speeding vehicles.

After one trip to a zoo last year, I find it impossible to take my kids to another Zoo or Aquarium to see wild creatures. The slavery, captivity and cruelty we inflict on these animals represents everything wrong we humans do for our amusement.

We got a rare chance to see a wild bear at the Smoky mountains last week. He was indeed a happy bear and for us the glorious joy of seeing something wild and free in its own wilderness home was priceless! 

All good things are wild and free - Thoreau

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