Friday, December 23, 2016

The best spent $375 ..

Sydenham River, Ontario
This year when Ontario Nature organised a campaign to raise funds to buy and create Sydenham River Nature Reserve, its 25th nature reserve, we made a small donation of $375 for the campaign.

Though the donation was nothing but a tiny drop in comparison with the $860,000 needed to acquire this property, I felt a great uplifting rush when I read the email from Caroline Schultz early this December that this dream had became a reality!! Sydenham River is now permanently etched in my heart and I cannot wait to go see her next spring.

Let our heart stay wide open and purse ever full for more giving for the good ...

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  1. Thank you for your donation Priya and letting people know about the new Sydenham River Nature Reserve ( Many generous individual donors like you, corporate donors, member groups and foundations stepped up and make this all possible. - Ontario Nature


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